5 Tips When Buying A New Oven

What Should You Look For In A New Oven?

We’ve spoken to many customers who have been designing their new kitchen and have needed a little extra help when deciding which Oven is best for them, which is why we’ve put together a helpful list for anyone looking to buy a new Oven. We’ll include what to look for in an oven, point out special features designed to help make your life easier and programmes aimed at cooking perfect meals every time.

1. Single or Double Oven?

The first thing to consider when choosing an Oven is whether you are going to need a Single or Double Oven. To help you decide think about what type your current Oven is and whether or not it satisfies your cooking needs. If you are someone that cooks many dishes everyday and the different dishes need to be placed in different cooking environments then you’ll need a Double Oven. If you are used to cooking big meals or only cook once in a while then think about a Single Oven. To help you decide you can also look at the litre capacity of an Oven. Obviously the larger the capacity the bigger the dish you can cook; for example a 70litre capacity Oven will easily cook a Sunday Roast or a Christmas Dinner.

2. Check For Self Cleaning Features

When buying a new Oven simply check whether it comes with a self-cleaning feature. A real bugbear in many households is the cleaning of the Oven. After cooking a fantastic meal the last thing you want to do is spend money on Oven cleaner, get down on your hands and knees and spend an hour scraping stuck on foodstuffs from the inside of the Oven. Catalytic Liners burn off food stuffs during the cooking process, AquaClean, cleans the oven via heating a bowl of water and allowing the steam to remove the food while Pyrolytic Liners turn baked on food to ash by heating the oven to 500°c. Not only will self cleaning features save you time but they will also save you money as a Pyrolytic cleaning cycle costs as little as 50p.

3. Type of Oven Door

To help ensure your food is cooked properly, optimising the full quality of the Oven’s heat whilst protecting the chef and family members, check the type of Oven Door Glazing. Many ovens come with a standard Double Glazed door however an increasing number of manufacturers are improving the standard of Oven Door to Triple or even Quadruple Glazed. The benefits of Triple or Quadruple Glazed Oven Doors are that they retain more heat inside the oven producing a better cook, are more energy efficient and they also leave the outer facing door panel cooler, protecting anyone that touches the door. You may also want to check if the door slides away making it much easier to take large dishes in and out of the Oven.

4. Number Of Cooking Programmes

The most important function of any Oven is how good it is in producing top class dishes every time and one of the ways manufacturers ensure this is by including quality and varied programmes. Some ovens come with a standard 3 or 5 cooking programmes such as Conventional Heat and Full Grill which means you have to be precise with your cooking time and always keep an eye on the dish while it’s cooking to prevent burning. Ovens that feature 8 or more programmes include settings designed to utilise the Ovens full capabilities by altering different settings. A Pizza setting will be designed to give a crispy base and perfectly cooked top, Defrost will thaw food quickly and a Rotisserie will give succulent roasts. You may also want to see if the Oven allows for Closed Door Grilling with Fan which will cook Bacon, for example, to perfection whilst keeping the majority of smells inside the oven instead of around the house.

5. Oven Extras

Finally, check the special features and extras that come with the Oven. Features such    as Touch Controls can make operating your Oven quick and simple and also look stunning; Telescopic Shelves can make taking things in and out of the oven safer and allow you to check on the dish knowing it won’t tip over. Electronic Timers can be set to start cooking at a specified time, Energy ratings indicate how efficient an Oven is helping you reduce your utility bills and the bigger a viewing window on the Oven Door the easier it is to check on your food whilst it’s cooking.

If after checking through our list of Built-In Single Ovens, Built-In Double Ovens and Built Under Double Ovens you’re still not sure which one is best for you and your kitchen then give us a call on 0844 576 5000 and we’ll help you decide.

Alistair Ward

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